SRK back in Zero with completely different concept

Zero starring Shahrukh Khan poster


Zero revolves around a vertically challenged person Baua Sing (played by Sharukh Khan), who has reached his 38 years still unmarried so he is searching a perfect bride. Baua Singh is born in an affluent family. He is full of charm along with arrogance, high self-confidence and a sense of entitlement. He is leading his life in indulgence and prosperity till he meets two women named Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder and Babita Kumari.

Anushkha plays role of Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder who is a wheelchair-bound scientist suffering from cerebral palsy. Katrina Kaif plays superstar Babita Kumari.

Zero starring shahrukh khan poster


Zero starring Bollywood megastars Shahrukh Khan, Anushkha Sharma and Katrina Kaif has hit the theaters. Zero encompasses a story with a motivating and galvanizing thought that “no one is perfect”. The film tries to place forth too several concepts and doesn’t quite doing justice to anybody. Some of the visuals and romantic moments are captivating; however most of them disappear as quickly as a shooting star.

Zero starring Shahrukh Khan poster

The story starts off in Meerut, wherever Bauua Singh squanders his father’s (Tigmanshu Dhulia) money whereas being loaded with screenland hotshot Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif) in the slightest degree times. He’s impulsive and has sense of entitlement; however his height hardly dampens his confidence. Things changes dramatically once Bauua stumbles into the extremely qualified scientist, Aafia’s life. He’s vertically-challenged and Afia(Anushkha Sharma) suffers from cerebral palsy, thus they come on the equal ground. The physical challenges aside, their personalities are worlds apart which eventually heightens the drama within the plot. Somewhere on, super star Babita Kumari enters into Bauua’s life, adding to the drama. The film’s half is spent on fixing this unconventional romance. whereas the concepts are distinctive and considerable, the narrative doesn’t connect all the proverbial dots within the arc of the story. The plot of Zero, neither engages you, nor will it offend you.

The ideas get a lot more audacious in the second half. Bauua’s love story travels to Mumbai for a fantastic tryst with Bollywood. It’s here that cameos of B-town’s stars surprise you and one of the obvious highlights being the coming together of the two Khans – Salman and Shah Rukh – in the song Issaqbaazi. Moving on, the story travels to the US and goes on a Mars-inspired mission, too.

As a gist, Zero is entertaining and brings lightness and ease to its audience.

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