Simmba: An action- pack with entertainment by Rohit Shetty

simmba poster

Release Date: December 28, 2018

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood, Abdul Quadir Amin, Siddarth Jadhav, Suresh Oberoi, Amrit Pal Singh

Director: Rohit Shetty

Writers: Puri Jagannadh (original story), Vakkantham Vamsi (original story)

Producers: Rohit Shetty, Karan Johar


Rohit Shetty’s action-packed Simmba is the story of a reprobate cop Bhalerao Sangram aka Simmba (Ranveer Singh).  Simmba is resilient and corrupt officer. Since his childhood, he is ready to take lives for money. It a private tragedy to wake up Simmba’s conscience and mend his ways that.

Belonging to same city as Shetty’s former protagonist, Singham, Simmba is disloyal to his badge, caring solely for money and turning a blind eye to crime as long as he gets paid.

Ranveer’s banter and wisecracks are kinky enough to create the viewer chuckle. Thankfully, his character isn’t simply a caricature of a corrupt cop. Simmba’s energy is infectious, creating him adorable even if he’s dishonest. Singh has the stage to himself during the runtime, charming the audience along with his energy and personal magnetism. Simmba’s Marathi accent in is laudable.

The film takes a significant flip once a girl Simmba regards to be his sister is raped and murdered. This incident completely transforms him and forces him to choose the righteous path.

Sara Ali Khan plays Shagun, Simmba’s love in the film. Sadly, Sara didn’t get much stage but still her beauty and dialogue delivery makes her noticeable.

Sonu Sood plays antagonist as Durva Ranade, an eccentric don of Goa and a family man.

As hooligans and SUVs fly up within the air, Rohit Shetty’s masala becomes evident.

However, Simmba’s sharp transformation from corrupt cop to saviour of womenkind isn’t convincing.

Shetty conjointly reveals the planning of his 2019 in the end. In sum, this film is worth watching for enjoying the performance of Singh.

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